Our ability to strategically link the investor to asset to tenant shapes
our real estate pursuits.

It’s how OA Development has built a commercial portfolio deploying $184 million of capital for development and acquisition opportunities. It’s how we have optimized over 4 million sq. ft. of office and industrial product. And it’s how we have successfully partnered with notable financial institutions including Synovous, Truist, Ameris and Wells Fargo.

Performance Through Partnership

Building partnerships – with investors, investor aggregators, private wealth managers and tenants – is the core of our company. We create trusted alliances by co-investing in every deal and persevering with integrity and without fail. These tenets are why our partnerships include many multi-generational investors.

Trust Through Transparency

With every investment, OA Development is humbled by the confidence imparted on our team by each investor. Only with 100% transparency do we believe trust is earned and integrity maintained. We know our job is a serious responsibility.

Real Estate with Instinct

Successful investing and development need more than just a formula — experience-driven instinct combined with a programmatic approach are required. Weave intuition through a proven system of checks and balances. Navigate divergent opinions to reach a calculated consensus. That’s what’s behind our agility and ability to create value.

Curating a Better Workplace

Tenant retention is our priority. We build community through workspace that creates real value for tenants. A better workplace has the potential to attract an energetic workforce, inspire leadership and positively impact profit margins.