Why Us

With more than two decades of experience in acquisitions, asset management, and capital structuring in the suburban office environment, OA Development has developed and acquired more than 4 million square feet of space for its investors.

This extensive track record allows the firm’s leaders to bring an innovative approach to each investment opportunity, providing knowledge of a local market’s evolution and a building’s attributes that only a deep and broad understanding of the market can offer.
OA Development has chosen to stay independent and grow organically, enabling the firm to move quickly when its acquisitions team identifies unique opportunities.

OA Development delivers strong returns for its investors. It focuses on creating value by recognizing and managing risk with a thorough understanding of the asset, its leases, and its place in the market. The firm believes there is a science and an art to every deal – a perspective that allows them to identify and acquire the properties most poised to be profitable.

OA Development seeks high-quality assets that offer strong cash-on-cash returns and competitive IRRs in vibrant suburban markets. The firm’s sophisticated modeling and asset management tools enable its acquisition team to thoroughly analyze each opportunity.

OA Development is sought-after by brokers, lenders, and investors. The firm is known for its exhaustive due diligence, strong investor relationships, innovative financing, transparency, and reputation for seeing deals through to closing.

OA Development manages its own properties, allowing the firm to renovate buildings, quickly increase occupancy, and deliver sizable dividends to investors. The firm holds leases with more than 150 tenants with rich diversified credit backgrounds, boasting a tenant roster that includes 3M, Coca-Cola, CareerBuilder, Sprint, BB&T, PNC Bank and many other Fortune 500 companies.


Many of OA Development’s institutional and private investors demonstrate their faith in the firm’s integrity and insight by continuing to invest in the portfolio. OA Development’s roster of investors continues to grow into the second generation of investors who have seen their families benefit from consistent returns and fair dealings.

Ultimately, real estate investing is about community. There are communities of brokers, tenants, employees, lenders, vendors, neighbors and, of course, investors. OA Development invests time and resources in each of these areas and maintains sterling reputations through words and actions that reflect the company’s core values.

Whether we are creating a new Community Improvement District or following through on small commitments to colleagues and clients, we understand the importance of a good name. The partners at OA Development invest their time and resources and hold leadership positions in a variety of community organizations.