(7.22.16) South Atlanta Metro’s unprecedented growth and investment benefits Royal Phoenix and Phoenix Park

The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently released its annual Southside Market Report, which provides a current snapshot of South Atlanta Metro’s (in which Royal Phoenix and Phoenix Park are located) economic development. This year’s report had overwhelmingly positive news about the market, noting that the area has experienced unprecedented growth and investment in the last two years.

This recent and future growth is very positive news for Royal Phoenix’s and Phoenix Park’s investors, as they were able to invest in the market – which is now being called “Atlanta region’s next hot market” – just before it boomed. OA Development was ahead of the curve when it purchased Royal Phoenix and Phoenix Park in 2010 and 2013, respectively, as the firm’s leaders recognized that the market’s assets (including great transit access, land primed for development, and a healthy supply of qualified workers) would inevitably attract development and investment.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports, “In the last two years, the area has attracted more than $597 million in investments via new development and expansions, with each city contributing a unique element to the region’s economic mix.” The upsurge demand for space in the market has increased rents and prompted investments from large brands including Chick-fil-A, Delta Airlines, Google, Porsche Cars North America, and Walmart.

OA Development’s commitment to maximizing investors’ financial returns not only includes acquiring and then improving Royal Phoenix and Phoenix Park; we also work to improve the property’s surrounding areas, thereby increasing properties’ values. OA Development founder Steve Berman chairs the Aerotropolis Atlanta Community Improvement Districts (CIDs), which leads strategic efforts to improve infrastructure, transform business districts, spur an influx of international travel, and raise property values.

Click here to read the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Southside Market Report.