(6.9.16) OA proves to be ahead of the trend with its focus on suburban office, according to leading commercial real estate publication

National Real Estate Investor, one of the industry’s leading media outlets covering trends in the commercial real estate markets, just released its annual list of “Property Types to Invest in this Year,” and suburban offices was at the top of the list.

This was likely surprising to many in the industry, who have focused on multi-family in the last few years, but it proves that OA has been at the forefront of the new era of commercial real estate. OA has been an active buyer of suburban offices in the last four years, identifying opportunities and forging ahead when others shied away.

This unconventional way of looking at the marketplace has afforded OA’s investors sizable returns, which is why investors continue to trust our insight. Within 48 hours of announcing our most recent investment opportunity, we were oversubscribed, which is a testament to OA’s deep knowledge of suburban office markets and successful investment profile.

Though suburban offices hasn’t made National Real Estate Investor’s list in the last few years, OA continued to buck the trend, investing in 16 commercial buildings since July 2009, bringing the company’s total square footage acquired to 1.9 million square feet.